Compression and Shaping Underwear for Men and Women

FarmaCell includes slimming, massaging and shaping underwear, ideal for all those people who want to feel slimmer, more beautiful, and more attractive. FarmaCell shapewear is made of Microfiber and natural cotton. They are designed to model the silhouette in a simple, effective and immediate way.

FarmaCell also includes a line of anti-cellulite products, which aim to fight the appearance of cellulite through micro-massages on the skin, thanks to their special fabric texture.

FarmaCell products are available in the following versions:
  • Massage line Anti-cellulite Massaging effect, light compression.
  • Shape line Shaping and Modeling effect, medium/strong compression.
  • Massage & Shape line Anti-cellulite effect combined with a medium compression for Shaping effect.
  • Man Shapewear line It offers an innovative range of compression Underwear items for men, all made of natural hypoallergenic cotton.

FarmaCell includes products made of an exclusive patented waffle fabric in which warp and weft threads form ridges and hollows that massage the skin in a gentle and effective way.

The constant micro-massage smoothes the skin, reduces the imperfections caused by cellulite, has benefits on blood circulation and helps removing excess fat and toxins.


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