Compression and Shaping Underwear for Men and Women

FarmaCell includes slimming, massaging and shaping underwear, ideal for all those people who want to feel slimmer, more beautiful, and more attractive. FarmaCell shapewear is made of Microfiber and natural cotton. They are designed to model the silhouette in a simple, effective and immediate way.

FarmaCell also includes a line of anti-cellulite products, which aim to fight the appearance of cellulite through micro-massages on the skin, thanks to their special fabric texture.

FarmaCell collections:

Massage & Shape

Massage & Shape products are made of exclusive patented micro-fabric with a “honeycomb texture”. Characterized by small hills that enclose smooth areas and produce a massaging effect with the body movements.


This is the FarmaCell Basic compression and shaping products line. Made by soft microfiber. All the products in the Bodyshaper line make a high compression to the body. The result to have STRONG SHAPING effect and reduce the body size immediately once worn.


New FarmaCell Shapewear line. This products are made using an innovative fiber that uses far infrared rays (FIR) to gently warm the deeper layers of the skin. Invigorating and trimming the body by reducing imperfections caused by cellulite and fatty tissue (adiposes).


The New Elegance Shape products are made with an innovative refreshing yarn for extra comfort when your body temperature rises. The thin fabric free of seams on the sides make this garment invisible and discreet under any type of clothing.


New elastic mesh tummy control girdle to shape tummy and hips. Made of an innovative, super-elastic, light and breathable perforated fabric for maximum comfort.


FarmaCell Men Shaper has complete adherence to the skin without pinching or squeezing. The garment is therefore perfectly suited to the body, favouring the body’s normal movements and maintaining its high elasticity.

FarmaCell shapewear

has been tested and developed with the objective of massaging, shaping and redefining the lines of the body. Technical features and the combination of rare and special materials favour shaping and massaging benefits, keeping your skin soft, polished, and healthy.


FarmaCell shapewear products are 100% Made in Italy, products completely designed, manufactured and packed in Italy, to guarantee high quality standards!