RelaxSan Ortopedica

Orthopedic products and Thermal Underwear

The Relaxsan Ortopedica line includes a wide range of Orthopedic and Thermal Underwear products for joints and tissues, including lumbar belts, men and women post-operative girdles, orthopedic knee braces, elastic elbow braces, orthopedic ankle braces, orthopedic wrist bands, support girdles with sticks, orthopedic corsets, orthopedic braces, and shoulders and spine supports.

Relaxsan Thermal Underwear is a complete product line characterized by Cotton on the inside at skin contact, which ensures a feeling of freshness, and Merino Wool on the outside, which retains warmth during the coldest months of the year. This product line guarantees perfect wearability and is available for both men and women.