Compression Stockings

The RelaxSan Compression Stockings line includes a wide range of products, from knee-high and thigh-high stockings to tights and maternity tights, all made of different fabrics – i.e. transparent and elegant knitted fabric, soft and opaque microfiber, and cotton. These products provide modern and dynamic women with the best comfort and styling for their legs. The reinforced real heel and toe provide greater comfort and perfect wearability.

RelaxSan products are the result of long experience and are produced in compliance with the European Community regulations for Medical Devices Class 1. All the items are manufactured with the highest-quality fibers to ensure durability and have a hypoallergenic function at skin contact.

Relaxsan Compression products are available in the following materials:
  • Basic line Classic, strong, and transparent, made of Lycra Elastane and Nylon.
  • Microfiber line Soft microfiber, suitable for the colder months.
  • Cotton line Cotton fiber with nice opaque effect.
Graduated Compression levels:
  • 8-11 mmHg Very Light compression, weave thickness 40 den
  • 12-17 mmHg Light compression, weave thickness 70 den
  • 18-22 mmHg Medium compression, weave thickness 140 den
  • 22-27 mmHg Strong compression, weave thickness 280 den